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Vision & Values

Enhancing India’s Enterprise

Enhancing India’s Enterprise

SpiceXpress looks forward to continuing to be an integral part of India’s growing business ecosystem. We have ambitious plans to become the leading cargo service provider in the nation while preserving our standards for high quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service.

Global ambitions

SpiceXpress has an international expansion plan, including the introduction of connections with Africa, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Asia with freighters from Delhi. We’re also building cargo partnerships with the US and South America.

Building on our service capacity

Currently, we successfully operate a full range of cargo services and now plan to operate a fully extensive fleet of freighters based on the following tonnage capacity: 2t, 9t, 24t, 68t, and 100t. Our fleet will continue to grow as we plan to introduce over 20 narrow-body freighters by 2022, with the potential to introduce widebody aircraft for the long haul service.

Our Mission

Since its inception, SpiceXpress has strived to provide exceptional cargo services by going the extra mile for our customers while utilizing our current network and infrastructure afforded to us by SpiceJet. Our mission continues to provide a full range of high-level services that allows Indian businesses to operate efficiently and thrive while we seek to expand overseas and build SpiceXpress into an international operator.