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Automotive Logistics

Specialist logistics services for the automobile industry.


Automotive Logistics

Specialist logistics services for the automobile industry.

Specialist logistics services for the automobile industry

SpiceXpress has the know-how combined with an extensive network and years of proven experience to provide the highest quality of automotive logistics services at a competitive price.

We are proud to provide a one-stop solution when you need to shift heavy and high-density cargo, or when you have a high volume of goods.

Since downtime can cause costs to skyrocket and lead to a knock-on effect that harms your business operations in numerous ways, we have the proven methods to keep your operations running smoothly.

Leave the worrying to us and we’ll form an essential role in your setup, keeping things moving and running like clockwork as your cargo will be tracked throughout the entire journey using our state of the art cloud server. Our use of barcode sticker system allows effective dispatch and easy tracking.

We have the capacity and capability to carry up to 3 tonnes per piece on our dedicated freighter.

If you want to form a partnership with a trusted industry expert, then SpiceExpress will go above and beyond to ensure you join our growing force of super-satisfied clients.

Our Expertise

Some key features of our specialized product are:

  • Experts in partnering with automotive businesses
  • Real-time status updates available on our online tracking app.